Hey gang, a friend of mine bought a bakery and the previous owner updated the bakery's web site using Front Page on a Windows-based hosting service. Site interaction is limited to forms (to order cakes, pre-order lunch), which are emailed to the owner, and a guest book - which is completely spammed. He's asked me to help clean up the site.

The problem is that I don't have a clue about Front Page -- I code all my pages by hand. Is Front Page still popular? It looks like the last version is 2003. It seems to use proprietary "webbot" server extensions, and when the thing publishes it's entirely unclear where the files go on the host. FTPing to the host IP address delivers an empty directory structure.

I'm considering pulling the site off Front Page and using perl or php to do sendmails and switching him to a Linux hoster. I've already cloned a version of the site with wget. Has anyone out there done this sort of migration? Any "gotchas" to watch for?