I have slackware 10.1 [this moment i am running slapt-get to do a distro upgrade]
However I have been unable to get postfix to work. I have been online and seen all the tutorials that talk about setting up postfix to run with courier, maildrop, spam assassian, and etc.
I have apache 1.3 mysql 4.0.23 postfix 2.2.5 and what i think are the latest stable release of the other components.
in following the direction i have found they all come to a point where you telnet to the local machine at port 25. I never get a "welcome message" or anything.
I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
i think at this point I may need to reinstall postfix but it seems to work locally but it is the smtp/pop stuff that I cannot get running... I want to eb able to web adminitor this but am totally lost at this point. does anyone have any ideas what I may be doing or can they point me to a slackware specific set of instructions?
[I think the courier part is my problem]

this is the How To I am doing