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Thread: SSH-server

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    Good morning everyone!

    I just arrived to my office and tried to connect home from my jobs pc.
    Im using Telnet(port 23), and when i try to connect, putty gives me only this:
    SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.1p1 Debian-7ubuntu4
    # pushed Enter
    Protocol mismatch.

    What does that "Protocol mismatch" mean?
    On sshd_config i didn't remember to see anything related to protocol(except ip)

    SSH-connection works fine between my friends cpu<->my cpu
    So my jobs own FW is probably blocking the entrance?(still Telnet port 23 is open??)

    Any suggestions how to go on with this problem?
    Thanks already & Sorry for my bad english.

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    SSH uses two different protocol methods - take a quick look at its man page when you get to a unix prompt. And you are probably not using the telnet port (23) if you're using the SSH port (22).

    If you're connecting from the command line, just add the -1 or -2 options to the ssh command e.g.

    ssh -1 [[you@][]

    I haven't got a clue how to do this using putty - I use cygwin to do this from work in Windows XP.
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    When putty writes it's initial dialog box, make sure you click the SSH radio button, port 22 will then automatically be displayed in the dialog box and will be used when connecting.

    If you loading a saved session in the dialog box, again just make sure SSH is selected.

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