I appologize if this is a repeat of a previous question, but I searched through the listings and couldn't find anything specific to my problem.

I'm running SuSE 7.3 currently, basic with office (I'll probably reinstall it with everything) I want people to be able to telnet, FTP and if possible, HTTP into the server. I saw the post about Apache, which I believe I can figure out, but that leaves me with telnet and FTP access. I remember seeing something about ProFTP, but am still learning Linux slowly.

Does anyone know what to configure, or a site that will explain to me what needs to be changed to make it a server? It would be greatly appreciated.

Along the same lines, looking for a good site for SuSE so I can figure out how to change my resolution settings without having to reinstall, as my screen is too big for the monitor and the top part is cut right off.