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    my server on my lan


    I have my FC4 machine (desktop)on the same LAN that I have my WinXP Laptop. Ive just removed my monitor from the FC4 for use for something else.

    Ive been able to successfully change my runlevel from 5 to 3. I have been putting together a webserver on my FC4 before the need to relocate my monitor arrived.

    what I want to do is to boot up my FC4, connect to it through my winPC and and still do what i had been doing before, however now, through my winxp laptop.

    How can I enable the telnet feature on my FC so that i can just telnet from win to linux and do what i want to do. Which is better, telnet, vnc or ssh. Do i need ssh on my local network?


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    Telnet = bad, insecure, plain text passwords over network

    SSH = good, secure, everything encrypted over network

    SSH should already be running on your FC4 machine so you just need a SSH client for your windows box.

    take a look at putty.
    enter the IP of your *nix box make sure the SSH radio button is selected then click OPEN

    You should be greeted with a login prompt from your linux box, at which point you can login as anyone other than root. once you are logged in you can su - to root if you need to.

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    thanks man,

    got putty on WInXP laptop
    got connected to my server.


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    hello farslayer,

    its like ive encountered another problem.

    As I said the first time, I got putty running and I could login into my FC4 server on my lan.

    I changed the IP of my FC4 this morning, through the SSH login window-command line, using this format I found on
    ifconfig eth0 netmask up
    an error resulted, i restarted the PC, and then logged in directly, using the GUI and changed the IP on the Network settings portion. I restarted my network and verified that the IP has changed on my terminal by doing "ifconfig". The IP definitely changed

    What I wanted to do was to assign it any IP, just to be able to access it from the LAN. I do not want to put it on the web yet.

    for example: I can access the web with any of these addresses to, so I assigned my FC4 an address of, still having the same gateway and dns settings as my other PCs.

    The problem is that Putty has now refused to work....not allowing me to connect from windows to linux....The error
    network error - connection refused
    I dont know what the problem is. COuld the problem, lack of access be with the IP i assigned my FC4? Pls help.

    I also remember that when I first ran Putty on my WinXP laptop, i was asked if I wanted to accept the hardware address...blah blah blah, could this affect it also.

    Pls help


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    hello again,

    i just wanted to chip in more info, so maybe you guys could help me out of this dilema of mine.

    As i said before, what i want to do is just have my server on my LAN not on the web. I have 5-usable IPs to connect to the web as i stated above. I assigned my Server an IP outside the usable IPs, just to make sure its on the same subnet with other PCs in my LAN.

    Ive tried all the usable IPs on the server one by one, and I discovered that trying to access my server using other Ips apart from the first one i first used, when Putty worked fine, results in an error.

    When I use the IP i first used, i get a prompt
    The server's host key is not cached in the registry. You have no guarantee that the server is the computer you think it is: The servers rsa2 key finger print is ssh-rsa 1024 ............................ If you trust this host, hit Yes to add the key to Putty's cache and carry on connecting. If you want to crry on connecting just once, without adding the key to the cache, hit No. If you do not trust this host, hit Cancle to abandon the connection
    I had hit "Yes" the first time I connected using Putty.

    Q1 - pls why is it that I get a "connection refused" error if i try to use the other IPs available for internet connection besides the first one I used when Putty worked fine.
    Q2. Also as i said before, I want to assign it an IP outside the usable IPs I have so that It would just be accessible on my LAN and not on the web...i dont want to make it public. If i assign it another IP, i get the same errors as i explained.

    Pls help!!


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    Check your firewall

    It sounds like your firewall is enabled and refusing connections on port 23. If you are not familiar with IP tables, login to the GUI and allow SSH in your firewall settings.

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    hi gtmtnbiker98

    yes, SSH is completely disabled on my firewall settings.

    Pls kindly note that my problem is that once i change the IP I was previously using to SSH from Windows(Putty) into Linux, i get a
    connection refused

    pls help

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