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    I have been leasing my server for quite some time, but have noticed on how much money I have dropped doing so. I am a total Newbie, I have no knowledge of servers what so ever, but am a web designer.

    Most of my scripts I have run on Asp and the rest run on php and mysql, how can i get a package that could support all of that? and be a good price?


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    Download a suitable Distro and install Apache, MySQL, and Apache. Have fun!

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    Meant to say, install Apache, MySQL, and PHP support. TGIF

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    OK THanks!
    So all in all what should i have and where can i download or purchase them?

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    welcome to the world of free and open software!

    there is a distro called Tiny Sofa that supports ASP.NET. I couldn't say how well it works because I'm just looking into it myself, but it may be worth checking out

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    Any distro

    Any Distro will just about do the trick and yes, they are free. If you are looking for a suitable Distro, I would recommend SuSE, CentOS, Debian, or Gentoo. Of course, I'm partial to SuSE - it just works better for me. CentOS is a clone of RHEL 4 and isn't updated as frequently as the others.

    As for ASP.NET, you may check the Microsoft Web site since they offer other Web server products for Linux (i.e. FP Server Extensions etc.). Worth a shot and good luck.

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    can knoppix be used as a server? if so how?

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