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    DHCP server setup - which RPM

    hello guys,

    Pls, i want to setup my FC4 as a DHCP server to serve the other computers in my LAN, and act as my gateway for my other 4 PCs.

    I have 2 NICs on it.

    I did a
    service dhcpd status
    and i got
    dhcpd: unrecognized service.
    I did
    rpm -q dhcpd
    and i got
    package is not installed
    so i guess dhcpd is not installed on my PC.

    I have a static IP assigned to my FC4 and I can connect to the internet through it.

    I can see the following files at
    dhclient-3.0.2-12.i386.rpm 20-May-2005 13:16 234K
    dhcp-3.0.2-12.i386.rpm 20-May-2005 13:16 591K
    dhcp-devel-3.0.2-12.i386.rpm 20-May-2005 13:16 113K
    dhcpv6-0.10-13.i386.rpm 20-May-2005 15:10 205K
    dhcpv6_client-0.10-13.i386.rpm 20-May-2005 15:10 70K

    1. Which of the above files am I to download so that I can configure my FC4 as a DHCP server?.

    Can you assist with a sample config file, so that I do not mess up my PC.

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    You want dhcp-3.0.2-12

    The 'v6' ones are for IPV6, dhcp-devel is only needed if you want to build apps or write your own that interface to dhcp, and dhclient is needed if you want your computer to use dhcp to have it's network address allocated to it.
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    ive downloaded and installed dhcp-3.0.2-24 FC4 using the "yum install".

    The problem im having now is to configure it. As I said, i have 2NICs and one of them eth0 is configured with a static IP to connect to the web. The other one eth1 is the one i want to use for my LAN.

    Im using the sample dhcpd.conf file at, but anytime i want to start dhcpd, i get an error "failed".

    Am i supposed to add somethings using the GUI?

    heres my dhcpd.conf file:
    ddns-update-style interim
    ignore client-updates

    subnet netmask {
    # The range of IP addresses the server
    # will issue to DHCP enabled PC clients
    # booting up on the network

    # Set the amount of time in seconds that
    # a client may keep the IP address
    default-lease-time 86400;
    max-lease-time 86400;

    # Set the default gateway to be used by
    # the PC clients
    option routers;

    # Don't forward DHCP requests from this
    # NIC interface to any other NIC
    # interfaces

    option ip-forwarding off;

    # Set the broadcast address and subnet mask
    # to be used by the DHCP clients

    option broadcast-address;
    option subnet-mask;

    # Set the DNS server to be used by the
    # DHCP clients
    option domain-name-servers;

    # Set the NTP server to be used by the
    # DHCP clients

    option nntp-server;

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    I'm no expert at this, I have my smoothwall box to run my DHCP at home, but I think you need to tell it which interface(s) to service requests over. There must be an optional config statement you can add to tell it to use eth1. Is there anything about this in the manpage for dhcpd.conf? I dont have it installed on my server, so I cant read the manpage easily.
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