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    mysql server upgrade (Hardware)

    Hello all

    I have a VB6 app that puts data in a MySql db, over time I have been tweaking the vb app and now I can run 3-4 instances of the app but more then that the db seems to stop and re-start.

    The db server is on a hosting account on a virtual server. There can be many reasons for this however I am thinking the best solution is to have a computer / server running dedicated to this db. Right now there are about 1.2 million records and grows 5k per week.

    Now, I like AMD64 and it has done well with me so far so hear is the question.

    Cost is a huge factor.
    I have been looking over on E-Bay and found I can pick up an AMD64 barebones for about 400 or a P4 3.0 for about the same. What path should I go down to have room to build on later...?

    What I want to improve it the speed of who fast I can shove my data into the db.

    If this is not clear I can post more details.

    Also some in put on what destro, right now running RH 8. and my back server is CentOS
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