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    Web Server, MySQL, PHP, Apache & Samba


    I have already searched the forums for more information pertaining to my question and nothing seems really relivant.

    I have downloaded Mitel networks "Sme server" ( and installed it onto my "Intranet server".

    It seems to provide good functionality for an intranet server and it has MySql installed, along with Apache and Samba, its great, but maybe not what I want.

    I am looking for a distro that would be suitable for installing the Mysql, apache RPM's, instead of compiling the code... preferably something without the packages pre-installed.

    I want to use my intranet to run some HTML and PHP scripts that have Mysql databases attached to them, any suggestions on what distro to use???

    I thought the SME server would be perfect, but I cannot seem to get the SQL working or access the database, they seem to have completely changed the directory structures etc.

    Thanks for reading,


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    Are you using the free version or the purchsed version? If purchased it, you should have some tech support option to get your mysql working.

    Also there use to be individual products from them, they seems to be bundling some of there stuff into suites. Which if its a decent suite is fine, but good individual app's don't always make a good/reliable suite. Also this recent acquistion of e-smith by Mitel may be reflected in the products/services and the quailty in them. I have not used e-smith email server for about 2 or so years.

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    If' you're looking for a distro to install that stuff with and not compile, then I'd suggest Debian. apt-get is much better than RPM and Debian is stable and easy to install.
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    Hi guys,

    went into the newsagent over the weekend and bought a linux user and developer, got a red hat v9, 3 cdrom!!

    I have started to install mysql, php4 and apache.

    looking good at the moment, thanks for your posts, appreciate your time.

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    Should be the option of enabling all the web & samba stuff during install.

    Post back if you need a hand.
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    Thanks for your input guys, things are running well at the moment, apache is running and so is mysql, just about to post another question regarding integration of apache and php4

    Thanks for your replies once again, thanks for your help.



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