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    ..:: Apache is not functional ::..

    i have Slackware 9.1 installed on my system, and apache should be running but it's not. now this is prob a verry simple answer, but, how do i get it started? thanks, RS

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    New info

    i reasearched arround and found out theat httpd if typed in shell would start the software. when i do that it notifies me

    [alert] httpd: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

    what do i do now??? is the servername my domain name, hostname, locial ip??? and how do i change the ServerName???

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    simple answers

    well it was a simple answer i needed to install apache but i still am getting that error about a servername??

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    edit your httpd.conf, there is a line in there that allows you to specify a server name, its proberly commented out atm. What you put in there doesnt really matter a great deal. experiment.

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