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    Apache Startup on sys boot???

    i have slackware running on my comp, and have installed apache, but i am unable to have it start when my system boots. i just dont have the knowhow. i tried other steps have read in the forums but with no luck. i have this

    echo 'usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start' >>/ectrc.d/rc.local

    but i dont know what to do whit it, dont know where to put it. where is the config page or whatever for the system boot up scripts??? (did that make any sense at all? lol)

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    This is how I've set up apache to start:
    cd /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/
    ls *httpd*
    # you'll probably see something like K##httpd
    # now just rename it to S##httpd
    #for me it was:
    mv K15httpd S15httpd
    # now it starts at start up when I'm in runlevel 5 ("GUI mode")
    the S mean that the httpd service (ie apache) should start when entering runlevel 5 (the K means that it should be stopped if it's running)
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    Apache Startup on sys boot???

    run this at the prompt
    #chkconfig --list

    This will show u if httpd(apache) is started (on) or not.
    To start apache in all runlevels type

    #chkconfig ?

    This wil give u the syntax to start the httpd service in all runlevels.

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