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    Compiling PHP4 with Apache2

    Hi guys,

    I have recently installed R.H. 9 and Apache2, MySQL and PHP4, I have a document that is from Compaq Active answers that has information in it pertaining to creating such a web server.

    When I get to the area: reconfiguring Apache server (phase 2) it asks to compile PHP3 (not what I am using, the document is aged) and then edit some config files.

    My question is, do I need to compile PHP4 with apache? the command that the document requests is below.

    I can't seem to find the correct command:

    "Build the apache server with the php module as well as two modules named mod-status and mod-info that can provide web masters with configuration information and server status:

    #./configure --activate-module=src/modules/php3/libphp3.a \--enable-module=info --enable-module=status

    "Configure error, unrecognized option".

    I know that its not PHP3 so it shouldn't work, but I cant even seem to find anything remotely relivant to php4 and apache compilation on the system, any pointers???



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    firstly, i would recommend using Apache 1.3.28, as there are (still?) a few bugs with apache 2 and php4.

    Installation instructions for apache 1.3.x & php4:

    Installation instructions for apache 2.x & php4:

    PHP4 source:
    Apache source:


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