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    dedicated MySQL server

    Hi guys,

    I have been asked to investigate the possibilities of implementing a MySQL server. The problem is that it is almost impossible to know how many people I have to cather for. I would like to get some feedback on your personal experiences. For example, what server can handle what load.

    Let say I have a dual P 1.2 ghz available with 1 gig of Ram. What amount of data/users would it be able to handle.

    I also like to have some feedback on Disk confguration. How do I get the best performance (logs on seperate drives etc.)

    I work for an academic institution and we provide hosting for our users. I don't expect any excessive use.

    Maybe Sykkn can give me some feedback on the load of the database of this forum?

    I am on a journey to mastering Linux and I got a bloody long way to go!!!

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    I havent runned Mysql on "heavy load" systems, but my experience says that mysql is very fast but dont have all thoose fancy features that other databases have like, Oracle,Sybase. But it can surely compete with them otherwhise.

    To optimze the system i should have my datafiles och separate disks if possible for faster IO. 1gig RAM should be enough, but you will notice that fast if the system starts swapping alot, if so but in some more ram.


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    At work our Database handles about 50+ queries a second non-stop, and the load avg barely goes above 1.0, the machine is running BSD.

    Hope that provides some sort of estimate, the machine spec is proberly a bit less than what you quoted.

    Of course, this is a dedicated box, the ONLY thing it runs is mysql and ssh. IE, its a server, so no XWindows draining resources etc


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