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    Securing a web folder using Microsoft Active Directory

    We run RedHat Linux for our web server, but use Microsoft Win2k servers internally. I would like to setup our web server so that certain folders athenticate users from the Active Directory on our Win2k servers. I have configured Linux so telnet users work that way, but I don't know how to secure a web folder.
    I have setup folders in the httpd.conf file and I use htpasswd to manage password files. Is there a way to eliminate the password files and local account and simply point Linux to AD?

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    I dont really know... But you can authenticate users throw pam,samba if you use kerberos to talk to the MS ldap directory.

    If you join a samba installation with the AD and share this directory you can authenticate the users throw the AD instead. Put the specific linux users in a group called for example webusers and just share the directory to thoose users.

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    + webusers


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