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    Weird Problem Please Help//

    I think my site is working now but I cant see it.. Strange..
    I have to typ my lan address..

    Can anyone check to see?

    Also is there a way that I can use either port 80? or redirect so you dont have to put :81 at the end? Like a proxy server or something on my linux?

    Im using verizon so I beleive they block port 80, im using the westell versalink 327w, I have 2 computers one is on linux other is on windows.

    The one that my server is on I can see my site the other one no.. Is it the router?

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    Sorry I can't help with all of it, but both sites yield this:

    If you can see this, it means that the installation of the Apache web server software on this system was successful. You may now add content to this directory and replace this page.
    Seeing this instead of the website you expected?
    This page is here because the site administrator has changed the configuration of this web server. Please contact the person responsible for maintaining this server with questions. The Apache Software Foundation, which wrote the web server software this site administrator is using, has nothing to do with maintaining this site and cannot help resolve configuration issues.
    The Apache documentation has been included with this distribution.
    You are free to use the image below on an Apache-powered web server. Thanks for using Apache!

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    I think if your ISP is blocking port 80, you'll need to use some sort of redirection service to map to If your are using a DNS service, they might have this function available to you.

    If not, you might try looking at -- they have some free services there, though I'm not sure whether redirection or "web hop" is free.... see

    Hope this helps!

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    Zone edit has this but then I cant use my ip address so how would I set that up on my linux? Use there nameserver on /etc/resolv.conf? there ip? Im confused with that..

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    Ok Now Im hoping this works now I only redirected one to see if this works:

    Does it work?

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    Yeah, I can see what ozar described: I can see the default page of your server. I guess now you have to place the files in the right directory.

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