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    Problems with FC4 Server


    I have an FC4 server. I would need assistance over the ff issues:

    1. Cant mount an audio CD, but a Linux CD mounts perfectly. Pls help.

    2. Is it advisable to install Webmin for Password management, for Apache, on FC4 or does it have its own tools to do the same thing.

    3. I read about NFS, for mounting ex: a DIR on a Linux client machine on a Linux server. Besides this, is there any use of NFS......i mean from a Linux server and WIndows client perspective.

    4. I see that a command like "service httpd status" when executed while im logged in as a user returns a "command not found" error. However when I log in as root, i can check if httpd is running or not. Is it possible to allow a certain user access to execute some commands that only root is authorized to execute, while this user is not allowed to execute some other root-only authorized commands? pls how
    ex: i can only do "shutdown -h now" as root....trying the same with a user "toks" returns the above mentioned error. How/what command can i use to allow toks to execute that same command.


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    1. Depending upon the GUI employed, Amarok in a KDE environment plays music CD's rather well.

    2. Webmin is a definite - I use this tool as a sole means of controlling my Samba server; however, depending upon .conf file placement, Webmin may not work as intended when using Apache.

    3. NFS is used for *NIX networking. If you are strictly Linux/Windows, then use Samba.

    4. HTTPD is the http service in Windows lingo. This is a privileged daemon and is better off left alone. You can always check your servic status' by opening a console and logging in as SU. I would't tinker too much, things are the way they are for a reason. Gain some familiarity with the console and envoke SU (root level access) only when necessary. Your box will stay healthier a lot longer.

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