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    ssh chroot jail problem

    Hi everybody,

    I am trying for setting the chroot for ssh.

    I entered the following entry in the /etc/pam.d/sshd file
    session required onerr=fail

    and I entered the entry for user1 in /etc/security/chroot.conf file
    user1 /home/user1

    And I did the modifications to /etc/ssh/ssd_config file

    UsePrivilegeSeparation no

    after that, while logging to the ssh server with the user1 account, I am getting the following errors.

    #ssh localhost -l user1

    Connection to closed by remote host.
    Connection to closed.

    My /var/log/secure entries for this event are :

    Jan 19 16:14:14 ndserver sshd[15669]: Accepted password for user1 from port 1195 ssh2
    Jan 19 16:14:14 ndserver pam_chroot[15669]: /home/user1 is writable by non-root
    Jan 19 16:14:14 ndserver sshd[15669]: fatal: PAM session setup failed[14]: Cannot make/remove an entry for the specified session

    Please help me.

    thanks & regards,

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    Chroot can be tricky, particularly with ssh. A quick google turned up chroot-ssh, a set of patches that allow ssh to be chrooted. have you had a look at these?

    Also, have you copied suitable programs into /home/user1 like bash and cp and so on. Once ssh has been chrooted it can't see the apps installed on the rest of the system which means it can't run bash or similar once you have logged in.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    Question OK trying to do wrong thing, sorry but still a problem

    OK vsftpd was working fine. My real problem is I want to restrict user access our system with sftp and scp to their home directory. My bad, sorry. Can you assist me in how to do this?

    thanks, Al

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