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Thread: Broken Apache

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    Arrow Broken Apache

    Hi all, new to the forum, but in the past two weeks i must have learned more about Linux than most of the others I know. This is what's going on.

    I had to update PHP, and when i did that apache didn't cooperate. I tired restarting Apache, I tired unloading the PHP module, I tried unloading all the DSO modules. APache refuses to start (apachectl start) . returns no error messages. Check the logs in /var/logs/httpd and tehy show no update since this morning when it was last working.

    I have tried removing the old install of apache, FC4 still reports it as there (i tired to use an RPM for 2.0.54-10 (if I remember right) and it reported back that a newer version was in use. (2.0.54-10.2).

    Downloaded and verified the file signature on a tarball for apache 2.2 from an official mirror. configured it, made it, made install. go to start, same problem.

    Checked the settings in httpd.conf file, unloaded all DSO modules (as stated above) and i've even tried renaming the /etc/httpd directory when i reinstalled apache 2.2 hoping it'd make a fresh httpd.conf file. That did not work.

    Do you guys have any suggestions on how to get my server running again. I was thinking finding a way to uninstall apache from the machine so I can get my RPM to install (removing the var/local/apache2 directory didn't clear up that error) or using the installation of 2.2 that is up there now?

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    Is apache still running, or not really running, but does the system think its running. I have had this problem when upgrading other stuff before, the system would still have it showing like its running. if you do a ps aux does apache or httpd show up in that list, if so kill that pid and try again.

    this may be a stretch but your problem seems strange

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