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    Fetchmail problem

    Hi Linux Gurus,

    I've searched the net; trying to find answers to my questions but for a couple of weeks can't find what I needed to fix my problem. Hope you can help me.

    I configured Sendmail 8.12.9 unded RH 9 and use fetchmail to retrieve mails from my ISP.

    I had a problem whenever I invokied fetchmail -v as follows:

    [root@webmail root]# fetchmail -v
    fetchmail: 6.2.5 querying 203.x.x.x (protocol POP3) at Wed 17 Dec 2003 04:15:52 PM PHT: poll started
    fetchmail: POP3< +OK Qpopper (version 4.0.5) at POPD starting.
    fetchmail: POP3> CAPA
    fetchmail: POP3< +OK Capability list follows
    fetchmail: POP3< TOP
    fetchmail: POP3< USER
    fetchmail: POP3< LOGIN-DELAY 0
    fetchmail: POP3< EXPIRE 0
    fetchmail: POP3< UIDL
    fetchmail: POP3< RESP-CODES
    fetchmail: POP3< AUTH-RESP-CODE
    fetchmail: POP3< X-MANGLE
    fetchmail: POP3< X-MACRO
    fetchmail: POP3< X-LOCALTIME Wed, 17 Dec 2003 16:16:31 +0800
    fetchmail: POP3< IMPLEMENTATION Qpopper-version-4.0.5
    fetchmail: POP3< .
    fetchmail: POP3> USER my_user
    fetchmail: POP3< +OK Password required for my_user.
    fetchmail: POP3> PASS *
    fetchmail: POP3< +OK my_user has 1 visible message (0 hidden) in 979 octets.
    fetchmail: POP3> STAT
    fetchmail: POP3< +OK 1 979
    fetchmail: POP3> LAST
    fetchmail: POP3< +OK 1 is the last read message.
    1 message (1 seen) for my_user at 203.x.x.x (979 octets).
    skipping message my_user@203.x.x.x not flushed
    fetchmail: POP3> QUIT
    fetchmail: POP3< +OK Pop server at POPD signing off.
    fetchmail: 6.2.5 querying 203.x.x.x (protocol POP3) at Wed 17 Dec 2003 04:15:55 PM PHT: poll completed
    fetchmail: normal termination, status 1

    Here's my /root/.fetchmailrc:

    set postmaster "postmaster"
    set bouncemail
    set properties ""
    #set daemon 60
    poll with proto POP3
    username "my_user" password "my_password" is myuser
    here warnings 3600
    antispam 571 550 501 554

    What would I do to fix the problem? where did the mail go when delivered? Would fetchmail directs mail to /var/spool/mail by default?

    Sory for these few questions it's really my first time to configure mail server.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes fecmaill is loading the mail it recives under /var/spool/mail.... Try just to have thees 2 lines in your fetchmailrc....

    poll with proto POP3 
    username "my_user" password "my_password" is myuser
    And paste in the output..


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