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    mySQL...Installed or not?

    I have just installed the server package of RedHat Linux 7.1.
    I am trying to find mySQL on the system, but I can't, I have tried upgrading the system in order to reinstall mySQL but can't coz the stupid PC wont run the upgrade package!
    How do I find out whether or not mySQL is installed? oh, and does RedHat have mySQL on it, or not?

    Thanks for any help...

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    open a terminal, and type "mysql". if you get command not found, its more than likely not installed.

    If this is the case, go over to where you can download mysql.


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    I'm using RedHat as a testing server, but ihavent got the internet on it, however i do have the internet on my windows xp system, and that is linked to it, i spent 28 hours setting the damn thing up ! anyway, can i just map a drive in windows, and download the file in to the linux drive(s).
    Oh, and what dir should i install it to?

    Thanks for any help

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    If you are dualbooting, you can download the mysql package to your ntfs harddisk and then mount it under Redhat. You could check this thread about that matter:


    Good luck

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    Mysql is shipped by default in redhats dsitributions, check your cd:s for mysql-*.rpm, also check you rpm-database and see if you have any mysql-package installed.

    As root...

    rpm -qa | grep mysql
    Also why redhat 7.1, why not 7.3 or redhat 9??

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