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    users original IP using Squid

    i have configured squid as proxy server.
    When ever any client send email, its originating IP becomes the IP of the proxy server.
    i want to ask how can i forward real IP of client instead of IP of proxy .

    so that when ever any client send email. it shows Client IP address instead of my Proxy server IP address.

    Thank you.

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    Proxies dont generally handle email in this way - it could be that you're using the sendmail or other MTA that also happens to be on your box running squid.

    You've probably got it set up so that your mail client sends to your local mail server (on your squid server machine) which then sends to your ISP's mail server.

    You could try changing the client settings so that it talks directly to your ISP mail server rather than your local mail server, that might provide the solution.
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    I had installed squid many times. I am also tring that client IP address should directly go outside instead of squid server's IP address. If i find something i will post it.

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    One of the reasons you use a proxy is to mask the real IP's of the users behind the IP of hte proxy.. that is exactly how it is supposed to function.

    Look up proxy server

    The IP address on the outbound side of the proxy is the one the Internet sees, and the address of the machine making the request is hidden to the outside world. Proxies are used in conjunction with network address translation (NAT), which hides all the IP addresses of the client machines on the internal network

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    the only thing i can think of is enabling X-FORWARDED-FOR (or something like that) in squid. it's supposed to be some sort of flag but i'm not sure if squid has this option. a google on that flag might help.

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