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    Education Development Server

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Here is my most recent project.

    I work for a school district and one of the teachers wants to teach his students linux shell scripting and some basic C++ programming. If it was up to me I would tell him you dont need to teach this in middle school, but im just a pion and the boss said to make it work.

    For security reasons I do not want to give anyone commandline access to any of my currently deployed servers. So I decided the best thing to do is build a new server with chrooted users, access to the required applications and offer telnet access to the server.

    Has anyone ever built a server like this? I attempted chrooted user access a few months ago and it was not fun.

    Any information on this type of server would be greatly appreciated.

    If you need anymore information feel free to ask.


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    so there is not a single person that has setup a server for this?

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    You could use the chroot user stuff their and offer ssh access to the chrooted partition. How ever ive only set up chroot enviroment in freebsd for a web and email server.

    I would also take a back up of the chroot enviroment as well.

    simplest way to do the firstpart is to created a folder in the root file system called chroot, could be called anything but keep it in the root file system.

    then copy all the folder such as /etc, /bin, /sbi

    change dir to the chroot and execute the env comman. I know im not an expert on jails in linux. alot more easier in freebsd, So can someone tell dex how to assign a chroot enviroment a IP address here
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    Smile FreeBSD Jail

    If you do end up deciding to use FreeBSD you should definetely use jails ...

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    yep free bsd jails (chroots) are easier to config and freebsd is closer to unix(ok it is unix but we dont say that due to trademark reasons).

    It comes with c compiler which is the same one that linux OSs use.
    All i want for christmas is a new liver....a second chance to get afflicted with Cirrhosis

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