Hello all,

I just got done installing Fedora Core 4 and am now hosting a personal website. To update content on my website, I would like to use FTP, as most sites do. I'm looking for the best way to set up a directory structure and permissions when setting up ftp.

How do most hosting services set up their directories? I would like to ftp to my server and get right into the directory where the website content is.

Right now, I have done these steps to make it work:
-Changed the ftp user's home directory to /var/www
-Changed permissions on the /var/www directory to 775 (Read/Write/Execute for Owner and Group, Read/Execute for Other)
-Changed the Group to ftp (ftp is the name of group that contains the ftp user) (I left the owner as root, which is the default)

Is this the best way to set it up? Is the only way to do this is to change the ftp user's home directory to where the website content is? Any security risks when doing this besides the inherit risks of using the ftp protocol?

Thank you