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    How to Completely uninstall MySQL to correct a scr*wed install?

    I have made a complete mess of my MySQL installation under Ubuntu Breezy!

    Ubuntu 5.10 comes with MySQL 4.1 preinstalled and running and I set up a localhost client/server with mysql-administrator (new user and privilidges) - connected OK but using mysql-query-browser had a problem (can't connect to socket .... ) and password / host issues.

    My dumb butt removed my user and root accounts, removed MySQL 4.1 and installed 5.0 via RPM's with alien and ran mysql_install_db, but now MySQL thinks that root has a password (I figure it should be null) and it is not anything that I can access from the previous setting, and wont let me set up the client/server. Just removing via synaptic and re-installing makes no difference!

    How can I kill everything, including settings so I can start again?

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    try sudo dpkg --purge packagename

    then to install I would try this

    easiest damn install I have ever done for mysql

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    Thank you That did the trick.

    May the joy of a thousand lifetimes visit your home!

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    Unhappy I tried to use installation instruciton you recommended but failed


    I tried to use instrucitons as you recommended at

    MySQL for Linux

    for mysql 5.0.

    Everything went pretty well. I unpacked archive, make directories and managed to start mysqld as instructed. However when I tried to make clean up I received strange message saying

    ./bin/mysql_secure_installation: 230: mysql: not found

    Indeed, it is installed in directory /usr/local/mysql/bin and it is there.
    I tried to call mysql directly. Result was the same. I have no idea of what to do by now. Could you help? Thanks in advance.

    Vladimir Astashkin

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    Some more information. I found out that if I try to call mysql as

    ./bin/mysql &

    then it starts. Sorry I am from Windows world coming to Ubuntu recently.
    This is my first installation. I do not completely understand what's going on.

    Thank you,


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