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    Here's a GREAT Apache question for all you GURU'S !!

    I want to be able to configure apache to beep the system bell on my PC every time a web browser connects to my http server. The event could be tied into retrieving a certain image, or it could be triggered via cgi. I am really stumped on this one. Any suggestions??

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    AFAIK that is not a configuration option... I would imaging it is something you would need to code in to the apache source before compiling. tbh that is a VERY unusual request so i dont think your going to find a howto for it (disclaimer: i may be wrong).


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    There are ways to get apache to execute programs on every incoming connections thread...that can be used to execute a program or something to hit the computer bell.

    Maybe that can be something??


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    why not use PHP

    why not set the default page of your site to be PHP.

    then find the linux command to ding the system bell.

    inside index.php
    exec&#40;"path to system bell command"&#41;;
    Won't that work. (not sure myself)

    It seems to simple but it would certainly run the program everytime someone accessed your home page. You could complicate this slightly if you wanted by using sessions to track the users and only dinging the bell if there isn't an active session.
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