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    Ive followed this HowTo:
    and have thus far have everything working correctly, I set up my XP Pro registry as it said to and joined it to the domain. My domain is a real site, not owned by me, so to work around this problem I simply edited the /etc/hosts or C:\windows/drivers/etc/hosts file on all my machines to have that domain point to my server instead. Everything seemed to be going good until I tried to login to the domain. It says the domian is unavailable or the user account is not found etc.. etc.. I tried logging in as root and testuser and both give the message. I added the machine to the domain as user root. I logged in localy to check to make sure it does in fact send the request to my server rather than the website and the pings all went were they were suppose to go.

    All other tests listed on that site worked perfectly cept for this little thing here:
    GenLap ~ # ssh -l testuser twoserv
    Last login: Thu Feb  9 21:35:09 2006 from
    request 1 done
    request 2 done
    request 3 done
    testuser@TwoServ ~ $ exit
    Login went fine, but get those request lines in there.. same thing loggin in from console. Doenst seem to hurt anything far as I can tell but Id like to get that fixed too.

    Anyone got any ideas on either of the two problems??

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    I was having some major slowness when doing anything and took off clamav support in samba all together and now things are back up to speed. Another little bit on the windows domain login issue. I added the wins server (samba server) to the windows machine but that did not help and to just see what would happend I did a run as on IE and logged in using domain\user credentials while logged into the machine localy and it gave me little more information.
    Error this time is 'The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.'

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