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    backing up a linux server helppppppp

    if i had a server using REDHAT linux enterprise relase 4 and the server had a SCSI hard drive, what Online backup server can i use that will provide real-time online backup???? I can't find any online backup service that support linux.

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    You dont need one that specifically supports Linux. All you really need is a system that gives you storage space and allows ssh access. You can then use tools such as rsync to keep your remote space in sync with your local space.

    Unless you're running large databases, you dont really need much backup space at the other end either, just space to copy your /etc and certain bits of your /var directory (and maybe anything else you deem appropriate, maybe /usr/local/sendmail-cf).
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    Evault does online backups and they support RedHat Enterprise Linux..

    look at the infostage and continuum products..

    Not cheap by any means (read it's Expensive) , but the most hassle free backups and restores I have ever done.. Of course if you are looking for real-time online backups then the data must be pretty critical and the expense justified...



    These all list RHEL 3 so you'll have to talk to them about RHEL 4..

    Now if you could fine me one that supports Debian I would be ecstatic..

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