I have users that try to access pages on which I used mod_layout and they can`t see a thing.They get some code like "<p " or smth like that + my layout (ads and things like that ).Just that.No content.
Any suggestion ?
I don`t get any errors in apache logs or cpanel.
I installed the 3.2.1 version first.After that I removed it and I tried an older version, the 3.2 one.I wanted to try if the older one works.I found an article that said the mod_layout module corrupts binary data from PHP scripts.Is this true ?
All installations were done using the tar.gz archives.RPM`s say that I don`t have an apache newer then 1.3.19, altough i have apache 1.3.34.
Please give me techniques to fix this.
Or suggest another module that works, but not iPanel script.It`s based on mod_layout.
I tried to install mod_layout without -DDBUG , and it still doesn`t work.
I get these errors in apache error_log:

[Mon Feb 13 11:34:57 2006] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] mod_layout:layout_send_file couldn't open a file descriptor for : /tmp/.mod_layout.body.3359 .

How can I fix this ?
Is this the source of my problems ?