I've installed courier imap and fetchmail so that I can retrieve messages from a pop3 account on my web host's server and view them from any client that can connect to my debian box.

The fetchmail daemon appears to be running on startup as

ps -ef | grep fetchmail


fetchma 1378 1 0 10:42 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/fetchmail -f /etc/fetchmailrc --syslog -i /var/mail/.fetchmail-UIDL-cache

The problem I'm having is that rather than delivering my messages to ~/Maildir/new directory with a file name similar to 1140574518.1738.myserver.com:2,ST, messages are being delivered to ~/Maildir with file names similar to msg.EEMG. And this, in turn, causes my mail client not to pick them up.

Additionally, all the messages delivered to ~/Maildir also seem to be getting concatenated into 1 big file at /var/mail/fetchmail.

I don't think this is the problem, but here is my fetchmailrc:

set daemon 300

poll mail.example.com proto pop3 user
        "remoteuser" password "passwd",
        is "localuser" here
        mda "/usr/bin/procmail";

Not sure if this is related or not but I'm not sure Exim is working properly. When I try to send a test message by:

# mail -s "test message" myuser
test [enter]
the message does not appear to go anywhere. None of the logs (syslog, exim or fetchmail) show anythingout of the ordinary.

I'm guessing I have a problem with a configuration file somewhere but can't seem to find what to check. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.