Hi, hope a bind/DNS expert can point me in the right direction:

Our college currently has 8 class C ip ranges in use, but we are moving the internal network to a range. We have moved some non public servers across already, but are now looking at moving some public servers across - including our internal (secondary) DNS. How do I configure an internal DNS server on a 10.x IP to talk to our public DNS server on a public IP? I can't just put an NS record on our public server pointing at a 10 address can I? (I tried it and dnsreport.com complains).

Also, how can I have entries that resolve differently to the same server: So internally, www.example.com resolves to a 10 address, but externally resolves to a public address? I could just leave all public servers on a public address, but I still need an internal DNS server (well, I don't suppose I need one, I could have the secondary on a public IP too)

Any thoughts? What do others do?

tnx, Nik