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    Postfix/DNS Help

    I am trying to setup Postfix on a Fedora Core 4 box and am having some problems. All local mail delivery tests seem to work fine but the box is not responding when I telnet on port 25 to (domain name changed)

    However, if I telnet to (same machine) it works. I suspect that something is wrong with my BIND config. These telnet tests were run from the local machine.

    [root@server1 ]# telnet 25
    telnet: connect to address Connection refused

    [root@server1 named]# telnet 25
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 ESMTP Postfix
    telnet> q

    [root@server1 named]# netstat -l
    Active Internet connections (only servers)
    Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State
    tcp 0 0 *:* LISTEN

    Here is what I have for the BIND config. Any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    $TTL 86400

    @ IN SOA (
    2006030205 ;Serial
    10800 ;Refresh after 3 hours
    3600 ;Retry after 1 hour
    604800 ;Expire after 1 week
    86400 ) ;Minimum TTL of 1 day

    ; Name Servers

    IN NS
    IN NS
    ; Mail Servers

    IN MX 10
    IN A
    ; Addresses for canonical names

    localhost IN A
    server1 IN A
    ns1 IN A
    ns2 IN A
    mail IN A

    ftp IN CNAME server1

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    You can use a CNAME for 'mail', e.g.:

    mail IN CNAME

    Your bind config does point to this config file for the right domains, doesn't it? Does the machine that you're trying to telnet from look to this DNS server? It can resolve the name '' cant it? (try with nslookup or dig
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