Hi there

Am running PGSQL on Mandrake 9.1 and whilst I can monkey around with the DB's in Webmin, when I try to connect to the PGSQL server from my Windoze XP machine using ISQL I get...

"...the target machine actively refused the it" (The connection that is)

Anyhoooo, I seem to remember in the old RH9 system there was a config file that I needed to modify to tell the server to USE tcp/ip and what port to use but I cannot find this n.e. where !

So my question is this: Why, when you peel the lid off of a yoghurt pot, does it always flick youghurt up and splash you?

My second questions is: Does PGSQL on MDK have a config file and if so, where the devil is it or, is there some other trick I need to try?

My laptop has been Windoze free for about a week now and it's tough but, we are getting there.