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    Apache Questions

    OK, step one is finally complete. I found some time to install apache successfully on my computer. Now, of course i need to configure it. I called this topic Apache Questions because I feel that I will be asking a variety of questions over the next few weeks, and i want to fit them all in this thread.

    Anyway, Question # 1: I was looking in the apache config file, and doing some reading about virtual hosts and I saw the line that sets the document root (I think that is what it is called). I understand how to change this, but where do you specify which html file is the "main" file? Does your home page always have to be called index.html or can you change it to something else. If so, where do i make those changes? Thanks.

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    index.html is the default. If you want to change it, modify "DirectoryIndex" in httpd.conf to reflect the name of the main page, like so:
    DirectoryIndex foo.html
    which will change it to foo.html.

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    Thanks man, I can change the setting it now. I am surprised i did not see that line it earlier. I had actually looked through the config file, but i must have skipped over that line. Thanks for helping me with problem number 1.

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    I to came across the same problem earlier.

    Haii, I to had faced the same problem while i was configuring apatche server for the first time but trickily i had searched the config file for the phrase index.html through grep, and i was taken to directory index which i had not noticed when i had gone throught the entire file.

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    Is apache a mail server too?

    Question number 2: I noticed that you can change the default admin email address inside the apache config file. Right now, i think that it is set as something like admin@localhost.localdomain. If you purchase a domain lets say and change the admin email to, will apache also act as a mail server? If so, where does it place incoming mail? Thanks

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    Apache Will Not Act as A Mail Server


    Apache cannot act as a mail server. The ServerAdmin directive assigns an e-mail address that appears in conjunction with many error messages issued by the server. If you host a large number of virtual Web sites, you may want to use a different e-mail address for each virtual host so you can immediately determine which server a problem reporter is talking about.

    Syntax: ServerAdmin e-mail_address
    Default setting: None
    Context: Server config, virtual host

    The ServerAdmin directive will show whom should the visitor accessing the site report if he/she encounters a error message.


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    Ok, thanks for the explanation. It looks like i might be wanting to setup a mail server to, or i suppose that i could set up a Gmail account for this website.

    Do you all think that i can run apache + mail server with my current specs? I am running @ ~730Mhz pentium III, and 96MB RAM, thats the part i am concerned about. Also what mail server clients are recomended for linux? Thanks.

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    Apache Questions


    You can setup apache and mail server on the same box but I would suggest you to increase you RAM as you might face the issue of degraded performance. You can setup sendmail as a Mail Server and it works fine with Apache Web Server. Postfix and Qmail are also the two Mail Servers available on Linux.


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    Ok, thanks for the reply. I will go ahead and look into those mail servers and i might as well grab some RAM if it were to start acting sluggish. Now, all i have to do is wait for the next problem

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