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    which distro is good for running a web server ?

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    all distros are good at runnign a server, it just depends on you and what you're comfortable with. Some distros are much heavier and much more bloated than others; however, they offer ease of use and more graphical applications to set the server up. Also, what exactly do you want your server to do. The Fedora Core series of server installs works extremely well right after install with very little tweaking needed; however, it is a very large install with alot that you may not specifically need. Other distros such as gentoo and the bsds only install what you need. If you are more strapped for hardware and need pure speed, then I'd look up gentoo or OpenBSD, both of which are more complicated to work with; however, are extremely streamlined and powerful.

    You also need to consider your server apps running, by default OpenBSD will install an sshd, ftpd, and a telnetd, so that basically you'll be ready to go from install.

    Gentoo works much the same way, also both have great package management systems, which make them simple to upgrade and install apps. For example, many users choose the ever-popular apache; however, I use lighttpd for my http server, its much lighter than apache and has a much smaller config file, making it much easier to run, change, and update...ok, sorry for that gratuitous plug, but to install these with these two distros all you would need to do under gentoo would be to, from the cli, type: emerge lighttpd. From OpenBSD, something like: cd /usr/ports/www-servers/lighttpd && sudo make install.

    Basically, I've just been rambling on about my preferences; however, any linux distrobutions come with the tools you need either in their default installs or through there package management systems...try a few distros, then you will be able to either find what suites you best or ask more pointed questions for recommendation. For an exhastive repository check out
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