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    exim - Could not complete sender verify callout

    Hi there,
    I am new to exim so please excuse if it is a silly question. I am not new to Linux or Network Administration in general.
    I need a fast solution because I have a server where users can't receive their e-mails. Any help is really really appreciate.

    The server (FC4 + cpanel) runs exim 4.52
    The configuration is standard, no special things. It wasn't configured by me, but now I am in charge..
    There are a lot of mails in exim_reject rejected with: Could not complete sender verify callout
    2006-03-26 04:11:54 H=( [x.x.156.26] F=<xxxx@tips.xx.xx.xx> temporarily rejected RCPT <>: Could not complete sender verify callout
    There are also authentic domains (ex: ) for which emails are rejected.
    I've read something about exim verifications and I understood how the whole thing (callout verification) works: the server tries a smtp connection with the sender server and if something goes wrong the message is rejected. This is mainly because of wrong configured servers and MX records. It I am wrong please correct me.

    What I want to do, is to configure the server to exclude some domains which are not spam-senders.
    How can I accomplish that?
    I've read about sender_verify, sender_verify_hosts *, sender_verify_hosts_callback *, sender_verify_callback_domains ! *.some.domain :* but I don't know where in exim.conf to set them. When I restart exim after I add these option I get an error:
    Starting exim-smtps: 2006-03-27 22:50:56 Exim configuration error in line 29 of /etc/exim.conf:
    main option "sender_verify_callback_domains" unknown
    Please tell me how can I exclude some domains from this verification, and where in exim.conf to add the new options.

    Thanks for your help

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    I created an acl. Something like:
    #added just for testing on 28-03-2006
    accept hosts =
    Then before the line: require verify = sender/callout (the only line which refers to callout verifying), I added:
    condition = ${if !match {$sender_address_domain}{+test_acl}}
    There is no configuration error, but also nothing has changed.

    From the logs I get:

    2006-03-28 12:44:24 H=( [xx.xx.156.26] F=<> temporarily rejected RCPT <>: Could not complete sender verify callout
    What have I done wrong? What to do next?
    I will read and learn about exim, about principles and what happens under the hood, but in the moment I need a fast solution so that my clients can get their mails.

    Thanks a lot.

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