Hey All,
I'm looking for some help or suggestions from anyone who has had to deal with having to move their servers to a new location and really didn't want to have any downtime.
Here's my situation:
Basically, the company that I work for is moving locations. We have a high traffic website and don't want any downtime. The move is in 3 weeks, so we have time to figure out fine details still, but we really want to do some testing first. The server we are concerned about is running RHEL4 with apache, dns, and mysql.
We also have another (spare) RHEL server set up that we were thinking we could set up as a mirror at an off-site location. In the end, we would like to keep this "mirror" up as a backup server incase our main web server ever goes down and also for a secondary DNS server.
Is a mirror what I'm looking for? Or some sort of a cluster?
Either way, I have been trying to find a tutorial or something online about how I can get this set up.
Have any of you had to deal with this situation? or one like it?
If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated!