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    cannot share client folders in samba domain network

    PLz, sorry for my terrible english

    some month ago i set up a samba server as pdc. about 10 win xp client log in the domain and could share printers and folder.

    some day ago i've to replace the old server with a new one, installed with the same Fedora Core 3 and same version of samba.

    I 've copied the samba.conf, other smb files, passwd, group, ecc from the old server to the new server.

    Now the clients can log in to the domain and access to the share on the server. But they cannot browse the network and use shared printers/folder on other client in the domain. What's the problem? How can i fix it?

    another think: in another network, if i shutdown the samba pdc, the Xp clients could log in the domain at the same with the pdc active. how is it possible? is it normal?

    thanks a lot,


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    Try resetting their Samba passwords to match that of their local XP passwords. When you moved the configuration files, you may have lost the Samba password settings. An easy way to do this is by installing Webmin and reconvert all Unix users to Samba users and reset those Samba passwords. Food for thought..

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    OKk,i'll try. but i've copied smbpasswd and passwd files too. And all users could access to folder shared on server. So i think the server correctly authenticate the users.

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