I have a running vsftpd server (version 2.0.1) on CentOS 4. System users could login fine using local_enable=YES and chroot_local_user=YES in the vsftpd.conf file. Then I tried to enable per user config setting by adding user_config_dir=/etc/vsftpd_user_conf and putting a small file with certain special directives for a particular user. At that point no-one could login in any more! I then copied the whole vsftpd.conf file to the user_cofig_dir, naming it that user's name. Now he could login, but NO ONE ELSE. Do I have to make hundreds of identical copies of vsftpd.conf for each user ??

On an older server (vsftdp version 1.2.1) I used the same method to allow per user settings and it worked fine. I had only a few per user config files, with only a few directives in each. All system users were controlled by the one vsftpd.conf, and those with an individual file named by their username under user_config_dir got the special directives applied.

Any suggestions?