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    here is the manual :****/manual.doc
    my modem is UE type (both usb and eth)

    Thank you!
    Have a nice day

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    steps to setup the portforwarding on your router, most of which are explained on page 76:

    firstly, on your linux box, run /sbin/ifconfig to get your IP address for eth0 of your linux machine. by the defaults on your router, this will proberly be something like "192.168.1.x". (x != 1)

    1) Get to a Nat rules page
    2) find an "Add rule" type button
    3) select RDR as the Rule Flavor
    4) Set the interface to your *ROUTERS* external interface
    5) Set the protocol to TCP
    6) In the Local Address From AND Local Address To boxes, type in the IP address of your linux machine (obtained earlier with /sbin/ifconfig)
    7) In the Global Address From and Global Address To fields, i would suggest your try the value "".
    For Destination Port From and Destination Port To, you need to use "80". From the diagram in the manual, i cannot see what options you have in the drop down list.....
    9) leave local port set to 0

    that should be it. ok/save it.

    Reboot the router using the Commit & Reboot page using the "Reboot from Last Configuration" option. (DO NOT use the reset button on the back of the router).

    Then visit : to get your *EXTERNAL* IP address. give this address to other people so they can view your site. this IP address MAY NOT APPEAR TO WORK if your accessing it FROM INSIDE YOUR HOME NETWORK. it should work EXTERNALLY. Be aware that your IP Address can change if your ISP has not provided you with a static IP address (in this case, nothing to do with the routers static ip addressing..). Typically these changes of IP addresses may occur if your internet connection disconnects, the router reboots etc or there is another general loss of connectivity between the router and your ISP.


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    it worked thank you!

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