I am trying to setup a fax server for my company to lighten the load on the fax machines and also to reduce paper and increase productivity. Hylafax definately seems to be the best way to accomplish this. This is what I have done so far:

Installed FC4

Installed Hylafax 4.2.5 from an RPM on the sourceforge Hylafax page

Configured Hylafax, all defaults

Installed and old serial modem

Placed faxgetty in the inittab file

Installed Hylafax Winprint on a WinXP machine, and tested sending faxes to another fax machine in the company successfully

Tested receiving faxes from that same machine, but failed. I can watch the indication lights on the modem flash but nothing seems to be received and I don't really know where to look to find out what is happening.

Any help is greatly appreciated, if someone can direct me to a more appropriate resource that would be appreciated as well.