Ok I'm somewhat new to Suse 10 Linux so I'm haveing some problems with apache web server.
I'm trying to set up the web server but I'm having some trouble with permissions I think. Anyway I tryed setting up the configuration by hand, but as soon as I run the server all the config files reset to the default setting so I tried to set the server up by YaST. I set up the default site and the virtual hosts put some test web pages in the folders(/srv/www/htdocs/default, site1, site2) I even set the permissions on these folders so that Apache has the right to read them but every time I run the serve I get insted of the test page a 403 error.
So I checked the /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/yast2_vhosts.conf
file and also that was ok(Order allow,deny Allow from all).
But still I get the same 403 error like I don't have permission to view the folders content.

Any ideas anyone?