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Thread: Samba Help

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    Samba Help

    Hi Guys, How are you all doing? Well I recently builid a Linux file server to be accessed by windows clients. I have created a share named [files] on Samba server and which is mounted at /data on Logical Volume. I can see the share from windows but can not access it. I have a another file server and i just copied the entire configuration file as it. For test pusposes i created another share and in samba configuration file i gave the path = / and i was able to access it without any problem. FYI the / is on another drive. I even checked the log files, which i can not copy right now. Because i am not at work. In the log file, i saw message saying /data is not a directory.

    So my question is
    How do i access that from windows client?
    Do you think that threre is some problem with the logical volume?

    Thanks in advance for you help.

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    Right, here's some stuff to go check:

    Make sure that you're using 'encrypted passwords', and that for each windows user, you have an entry in '/etc/samba/smbusers' that maps their windows user name to their linux user name.

    For each user, make sure you've used 'smbpasswd -a <username>' on the linux machine to set their samba password to be the same as their windows log-in password.

    Samba shares will be declared in smb.conf a bit like this:

        path = /opt/samba
        public = no
        writable = no
        printable = no
        read only = no
        force directory mode = 0775
    Make sure the 'path=...' line points to a valid directory on the Linux system, and that all the users have read (and, if needed, write) access to thad directory. You can enforce security using user groups - you can add a 'force group = ...' directive to the share declaration if you like, then everyone can have read-write access to all the files if they're in that group.

    To check the syntax of your smb.conf file, use the 'testparm' tool.

    Restart samba, and use 'tail /var/log/samba/smb.log' to see if it started cleanly - if it didn't deal with all the errors and restart samba; repeat this until it starts with no errors.
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    Thanks for your help. Everything is working now.

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