I am migrating a hp printer from an old pentium-2 redhat 7.0 to a pentium 4 Scientific linux4.

After installing the latest version of cups and spending a lot of time of configuration files,
I have tried using the http://localhost:631/. It does not respond all the time, it just sits there. Even if it does respond, it wont open all the tabs.

I tried using the following comman, after giving the printer definition in the smb.conf file.

lpadmin -p colorhehi -E -v parallel:/dev/lp0 -m colorhehi.ppd

It either gives an error, cant copy the ppd file or it does nothing and just sits there.

Main problem is cups seems to be hanging with out any response. Upon restart it looks like its alive for some time, but not for long.

Has any one else seen a similar behaviour?