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Thread: LAMP Server

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    LAMP Server

    I am trying to build the ultimate LAMP server, however I cannot find any decent documentation on how to do this.

    These are the specs that I would like. I am just wondering if anybody has any info that can help me out.

    OS: Red Hat Linux

    Ruby on Rails 1.1 (FastCGI Enabled)
    PHP 4.4.2 with Zend Optimizer
    PHP 5.1.2 with Zend Optimizer
    MySQL 4.1.15
    PostgreSQL 7.4.8-1
    Perl, Python, TCL and Binary CGI Support
    IBM Java SDK/JRE Maintenance Tools

    Mailman MailList Software
    Three Web-based Email Solutions
    Exim Mail Anti-Virus
    Spam Assassin

    Fantastico Script Manager
    Secure Shell (SSH v2)
    Compilers: Ruby, C, C++



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    Wouldn't you just want to install each component in turn, rather than going through a process that'd need extra documentation? By which I mean install Red Hat, then install apache on it, then the database servers and so on, (tho some of the things on your list (eg C, C++ compilers) are bound to be included in your RH installation, so wouldn't need installing later). At each stage the thing you're installing will have its own docs, so I don't think you'd need much else.

    Apologies if there's a good reason that I've missed why you don't want to/can't follow this step-by-step approach.
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    Re LAMP Server

    Try Ubuntu Server as the OS. You can have LAMP server running in a snap with all the great ubuntu support.

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    Will tell the whole procedure for installation..
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    Quote Originally Posted by underdog512
    Try Ubuntu Server as the OS. You can have LAMP server running in a snap with all the great ubuntu support.
    Because Ubuntu is right for you, its right for everyone else, yes?

    May I suggest that RedHat Enterprise Linux is perfectly up to this task, and if candrist wants to use that, then who are we to argue?

    Of course, candrist, if you're planning to use RedHat 9 or earlier, then maybe you should consider a newer distribution; for LAMP you want a server distro, such as Debian, CentOS, RedHat Enterprise, SuSE Enterprise, or even (as underdog512 uses) Ubuntu server. And there are other server distributions you could consider - the best place to look is in distrowatch.
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