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    Debian vs Ubuntu

    Hey guys i am just wondering what everybody thinks about security issues as for running a server with debian or with ubuntu(even though its based off of it...)


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    Security wise, you should have no more problems with one than with the other, provided you keep them fully up to date. Personally, I'd steer clear of Ubuntu because I dont like brown. But that's just aesthetics...
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    You can secure both almost equally well (slight advantage debian imho), but I would always choose a pure debian stable over ubuntu for servers.
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    If I were going server, I'd also go with Debian over Ubuntu... but that's just me! Everyone has an opinion, so maybe try both then make up your own mind.

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    Ok thanks, ill give debian a try seems more stable to me on the server side of things, but what about redhat? i heard that redhat has more kernel security...not as much kernel exploits as in debian...?

    Thank You!

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    Have you considered CentOS for an enterprise worthy distro? CentOS is the same as RHEL 4 and is very stable.

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    CentOS / Whitebox / RHEL are all great choices and they have SELinux included by default for added security.
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    I believe ubuntu is part of SELinux, not sure about debain though.

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    debian would be a good choice for a server...especially with outside connections...
    but it is linux and you do have choice...
    start reading...what is more than important is your ability...
    if you know a distro well enough then you can make a lot of mod's to be secure...
    just be careful of distro's with limited stability and too many restrictions on what will work...(yeh i know i have mandriva and its a bit limited),,,but i use ubuntu and its fine but dont know wether it will be on the server soon or not...
    debian is fairly faithful...

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    yeh i know i have mandriva and its a bit limited
    Could you explain to me what limits you in Mandriva? Maybe it is not limiting you at all, but you simply don't know your way around with it.
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