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    Samba and Thunderbird


    I would like to ask what the best strategy is for placing the Mozilla Thunderbird storage location on our Samba server.
    Layout: Samba on OpenSuse 10, Windows 98SE client with Thunderbird 1.5.

    Win98, linux and samba usernames are same, as are passwords.

    Any known issues? Can we migrate the profile from C: to Samba?
    We tried and it seemed to work, verified by access times and filesize when receiving mail, but when we deleted the profile Thunderbird simply returned a error on startup, refusing to load and GUI and saying that Thunderbird is already running but encountered an error.. Placing it back solved that issue, but it seems Thunderbird needs the local profile still for configuration data.
    It would be nice if we could put everything on the share.

    When we only delete the mail folder things work, but now when we 'Get' mail it continues to duplicate new mail, so we get 10/20/30/40/50 new messages.

    I'll sleep on it!

    Any help greatly appreciated!!


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    May I just suggest that this isn't the best approach. The service you really need is probably IMAP, where the mail and mail folders are stored on the server, and are connected to by users using any client (including Thunderbird) that they desire.

    Take a look at setting up a Dovecot server; it sits on top of your regular mailboxes on linux, and is pretty painless to get going.
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    Certainly I'll look at that.
    Thanks a lot for the info.
    I'll post back any results!


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