Hi All,
I'm a web site developer(ish) and am just starting to venture into the back end (don't go there!). I have a script (3deeArts CalendarScript v3) running on two servers. One at www.astralfitness.com and the other at www.cybercanvas.ca (www.cybercanvas.ca/gervais to see this one). Both had been up and running for months without a hitch. Recently, however, my hosting company changed the environment running the AstralFitness site and the script stopped functioning properly. It still launches OK, but all the links on the login page are missing the scripts subdirectories. As a consequence, it attempts to pass the arguments to the root page resulting in a simple link to home.

Both sites have a phpinfo.php script on the root directory for easy evaluation of the environment. Can anyone tell me if they see any glaring differences between these two that would allow one to work fine, and cause this behavior in the other. I'm afraid I don't know enough about it yet to know what to look for.

Any help would be appreciated.