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    Help setting up a Linux Server with email and ftp - noob

    I got a job from a friend of a family fixing an office network.

    When I saw their server was a linux command line OS, I felt pretty dumb. I thought most Linux was graphic, shows what I know, hahah.

    Anyways I'm starting to learn Linux to fix their email and ftp program from a person I knew. But his gone so I have to figure out evreyone on my own now.

    Basically I think its redhat, and he's using samba for the email and ftp program. He gave me this info to create accounts.
    as root, do
    adduser username
    passwd username
    smbadduser username:windows_login_name
    where the username would usually be firstinitialLastname and
    windows_login_name is usually their first name
    smbpasswd [new password]

    The samba config files end up in /etc/samba. Have to do
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb restart to restart the windows fileserving.

    So now I'm wondering is there a good internet guide for using samba (haven't found one yet)?

    Is samba doing both the filesharing and email program?

    They can log on to the email server with in the POP3 and SMTP while on the network, but they are having problems with the server made to download off the internet. What could cause this and how can I fix it? Shoudln't they be able to have the in the POP3 and SMTP while on the network as well as the internet, and work for both?

    And any other advice you guys could offer.

    Thanks guys.

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    Talk about jumping in head first! Anyway, Samba is an SMB/CIFS server allowing file and folder sharing with Windows clients and is not an ftp nor an e-mail server.

    As for e-mail, this could be one of several applications; however, the more popular (my opinion) are sendmail and postfix. As for ftp, this can be, again, one of many either tftpd or vsftpd. You need to do a lot of home work to learn what is actually running on the box. You may try typing at the CLI <ps aux> which will give you a list of the running daemons.

    As for learning linux, a lot of practical use will enable you to become better versed in the OS. A good place to start asking questions is here, there are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum.

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    Just to add...

    The email is handled by a mail tranport agent which (as gtmtnbiker98 says) is probably sendmail or postfix, which dumps email for users into local mail queues usually in /var/spool/mail or /var/mail.

    POP3 mail server (i.e. the program that gives the email to a POP3 mail client such as outlook express or thunderbird) runs on top of these mail boxes and sends out the email to the client on demand.

    Of course, it is entirely possible that you dont run your own mailserver, but rely on access to an email server on the internet somewhere from which POP3 access is granted for each user of your lan.
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