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    Postfix configuration problem

    Ok here's the thing I finly decided on Postfix for my MTA. So I set tryed to set it up via Webmin using this howto guide. Postfix is working and I can recive and send email via it, but I'm still not clear on a cuple of things. Curently as I understand it is working like this my user name is lets say "joe" and my domain si "". So I enterd the domain into /etc/postfix/virtual like this: localhost.localdomain.local
    and added this to /etc/aliases
    and everything works ok any email sent to gets to my mail box.
    But I would like to have more than one domain set up. So I added the second domain "" into /etc/postfix/virtual localhost.localdomain.local localhost.localdomain.local
    and added /etc/aliases
    This also works.
    But I can't seem to get to be deliverd to user joe or to get deliverd to user joe. And I would like to set up something lik this to a user called jane.
    so I tryed to add these to the /etc/aliases
    But it doesn't work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if I understand everything. So if someone would be so good to give me some pointers on how I sould set Postfix up, so that I could use more domains, and any email( to user someone) to any user.
    I tryed via Webmin and via SSH to configure things.

    Thanks for the help..

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    I am new to postfix myself and I don't use webmin.
    I am not completly sure that I understand the problem either.
    There is no need to edit /etc/aliases.

    STEP 1
    Add the following to your file
    virtual_alias_domains =,
    virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual

    Dont forget to do a postfix reload

    STEP 2
    In your virtual file add something like this joe joe jane

    if you want a catch-all address add something like joe

    Don't forget to do a postmap virtual

    It might help to post your file (edited version as it is long by default) and some of your mail log

    Like I said, I am new to postfix but I replicated what you seem to be after
    I am on a journey to mastering Linux and I got a bloody long way to go!!!

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    I actualy figured it out late last night. The exact procedure as you described but the diference I made was to the virtual file. I added
    and it also works. So I think I've got the basic idea now.

    Thank you for your help.

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