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    php file size limit

    I have done some reseach and found some remedies but they have not worked for me. I am new to both linux and apache...and webservers.

    Everything seems to be working fine with my debian apache setup with regard to php except that it imposes a filesesize limit for uploads of 2ish megs. I found the php.ini file ( /etc/php/apache/php.ini ) and tried several different settings for upload_max_filesize but when i view my phpinfo() it always reads '2M' regardless of how i set it. It is currently set to '20M' . I have been restarting apache between changes, and tried rebooting as well.

    Additionally in php.ini i increased max_execution_time, memory_limit, and something else based on advice from my research.

    I tried copying the php.ini file to the folder of the website i am serving.

    I have also tried setting 'LimitRequestBody 0' in httpd.conf with no effect.

    I am at a bit of a loss and would appreciate some help. Its especially frustrating as I am certain the problem is something very simple....

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    you could look into the ini_set() function. And maybe also the [url="[/url] to confirm that the php scripts are recognising the changes. If it's just one script that you need the upload sizes changing, this would be a better way than to allow larger uploads globally. It's certainly more secure.

    Hope this helps, if not, i will continue to look for you.
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    Using ini_set i was unable to alter upload_max_filesize.

    I added this at the start of my page:
    $whatwasit=ini_set( "upload_max_filesize","8M");
    $whatisit=ini_get( "upload_max_filesize");
    And echoed the result of ini_get which resulted in "2M". So it seems this is somehow locked?


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    You're remembering to restart Apache, right?

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    This is a bug in PHP that is fixed in version 5.0.4-9
    For more info see link:

    There is also this link about editing the php.ini file:
    How to edit php.ini file to increase memory limit

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